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James J. Shaw is my blog. I have invested a lot of time and money into becoming a better me so I can serve you better.

I have invested in Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certificates. In these training learned how to fix me so that I will be able to fix you.

My goal is to make you the best you possible!

Workshop Warrior Institute

Making a difference in You! The Workshop Warrior Institute is the mastermind of Dave Reineke and Kati Stage!

I am one of the founding members. The Workshop comes together once a week and we invest in you.

We help solve your problems!

Answer your questions and chip away the rough edges so you can become the best version of you!


One of the first things I do with people is to help them figure out what their limiting beliefs are then encourage them to ask questions, “Well, do I really want to keep that one? Is it limiting me? Does it not fit me? Is it holding me back?

Digital “Auntrepreneur” Mentor, Coach, and Adviser
Co-Founder of the Workshop Warrior Institute
Founder of Onstage Mastery

Almost 5 Years Experience in…Simple Website Building, Banner Design, Blogging, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Monetization, High Ticket Products, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Lead Generation, Free Strategies, and Attraction Marketing

Kati Stage

This is a great testimonial from Dave

Dave is an extraordinary mentor, coach and teacher. He has been the one of the driving forces that has helped me grow and be a better market in the online marketing space! Below is a few little words from Dave!

I teach 24 hour marketing strategies that work. I also coach and run training webinars every week.

Dave Reineke

Sonia Harris give me an awesome testimonial and below is a little about here!
My name is Sonia Harris and at the age of 55 I found myself single again after a longterm relationship that spanned over 20 years. Don’t worry I’m not going to be sharing how sad I am or talking negatively about my ex and tell you how she did me wrong. In the end we just were not the right fit. I’ve come to believe that our relationship lasted the time it needed to so that we could bring up and nurture our son until he reached the age of 18.
What has happened though is I’ve become preoccupied about my future now that it will look different to what I’ve been dreaming about over the past few years.
I am passionate about learning and sharing what I learn with others who may benefit also. So not surprisingly I started to do some research about what people in their 50 worry about.
Sonia Harris

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