Hey everybody this is Jamie Shaw and Terry Miller and you are live on the Jamie Shaw Marketing show
so how was your week Teri?

(Teri) Man my week was great and it's only Thursday it has been busy i didn't hang out yesterday and then we've had a bunch
of calls last night that we were on so it's been really good real informative week.

I'm just hope that this thing up here can absorb ever everything we've got going on that you know me coming in
kind of new it's a lot of information and i wanna as much as i can get so I can be successful.

oh right you know and I talked about that I do live on the way home and talked a little bit right information

You know it a lot of people try to cram a two hour video training and remember everything well that's too much information to take
in at one time.

You need to be doing 30 minutes of training and take a 15 minute break and come back to 30 minutes of training then a 15-minute break you know so you don't overload yourself and exactly as it seems you do it in manageable chunks.

Tonight we're going to talk a little bit about branding.

Ronnie's mentioned in the comments how do I sign in. oh maybe she means on the Livefrye

I'm having an oh but in many we're talking about branding.

Maybe you can message her how to login to the comments area.

Today I listened to the wakeup calls about branding and one thing that always stuck out my mind was the branding ourselves.

What is Branding?

It's owning a place in the consumers mind!

We buy stuff because of the brand I by Folgers coffee because i like folgers coffee.

Kati will appreciate that because she like coffee and chocolate you know and she probably by her shopping because she likes hershey's chocolate you know so you know we all do.

We buy brands we would like in that's because that's a brand we know and trust.

Some of us may shop at Walmart because it is a brand that we know and trust and i'll even though some of us
may not like Walmart it is still a brand out there in the marketplace.
I want to talk a little bit about branding yourself.

You want to blend brand yourself as a leader so you can build Authority and make people like and trust you.

You want to start branding yourself on your blog because that is your piece real estate on the internet that's your home
and that's where you should bring people.

First get your blog setup of it should be your central piece on the internet you should have a picture of you on there you should get your catch phrase like mine is “changing the world one person at a time”.

You want to make its congruent with with you or what you're about.

I don't know if I like mine anymore I have grown so much that i may change it.

Your blog should be clear and concise to what your about.

(Teri)The Thing is your blog is you so you can change it.

You should change it as you grow. Never at any time is it something that is stuck in stone there as you grow you may
change it.

You should give you blog your name my given name is James J. Shaw and my grandfather gave me a nickname
Jamie's and I've always gone by Jamie, and that's what everybody knows me by.

But there's a very famous author named Jamie Shaw and I have a hard time ranking that name I couldn't get the blog and i
couldn't get that domain name so i branded my blog is given name.

That's what you want to do you want to map your domain and brand yourself by your name.

Like april marie Tucker said on the call that I listened to today you know she couldn't April Tucker and she couldn't get April Marie because they were taken so that's why hers is  April Marie Tucker.

So you gotta do what you gotta do to get your name in some format there so you can brand yourself.

That's kind of why I dropped the monster marketer because internet marketing group I'm with within the
community they call me the Monster marketer because I make monster comments.

But there are people out there that have not idea what a Monster Marketer is so I dropped it.

On your blog you want to set up an About Me page that tells your audience about you maybe include your story.

You also want a Work With me page and you ell them why they want to work with you what benefits they will get from
working with you and you want a facebook like box on there and an Instagram box or whatever other social media you use.

I have Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest on mine so you want to try to get all the social media that you use.

When you brand yourself on social media you want to tell stories that motivate people on social media

They were you a little bit technical on your images of us felt very economically anything but when you get social media
or like you said you wanna i said i was going to attend because I said so social media tonight and what our brains
are introduced you know what your old tag is you know your domain name or whatever the key word is you know that
should go on your old tag add a watermark tell your images and you bring it with your domain you know so i would
put a watermark such as jamesjshaw.com

So everybody knows where my ball the better your images are the more people will share them and make your image your
own you can go free images.com, stock images.com, or Canva you can get a lot of free images and stuff in you know any
other places Teri and images now you know I pretty much stick with Canva right i really like that one a lot
because it is free and you can bring in images or is there so right right right that's right to try to be a lot my band.

My blog header image I made in canva by myself but if you want one done for Kati Stage is amazing at making them.
because she'll make you an awesome banner she made my banner and that's awesome

I think she's getting filled up though I don't know you might not as good as hers

but I made it myself, alright so see you even took notes today so i can have a good topic ever so you

You want to brand all of your content so what does that mean so bring all your content you want to you want care about
the content and with what you put out there in the marketplace you want your content to be uh what I say your voice

You know you don't want to copy and paste from somebody else and then call your own because its copyright so
the second thing is you want to be unique and be different from everyone else but you want to be yourself on your
blog and putting out your name out there

The third thing is you want to contribute online and in groups and on your company page so you know we are with
MLSP so you don't want to do you want to go to the mlsp facebook page and contribute in there which I have a bad
habit of not doing it means sometimes they get in there and write something

So the fourth thing would be can be congruent be consistent being consistent is you know but previous coming round
we're talking to blog everyday I mean sometimes some weeks you know i do blog everyday some weeks i don't write one
wall post like this week i I've started a blog post and got about halfway done but I'm not done with it.

Oh sure and just like my content i've done four facebook Live this week so yeah as my content out there my name out theremy face out there so people see who i am you who you are you don't put your face out there.

The fifth thing is know where you're going have a vision to get there and have a vision for what you want that was
that's one of the topics i was going to cover tonight but I didn't feel comfortable with your topic so i didn't cover because it's about a lot more in depth and mindset so i'm not i don't think I'm there yet

Oh enough to teach mindset training yeah you have any a so-so kind of what

I'm picking up from what you said just a little at backtrack so our content we want it to be our own and be unique
now what if you you know you're wondering and you're raising some other things and you like something and you believe in
something that somebody else has said is it ok because this is where learning right i mean is it ok

oh so to say we lose little thingis that we know the katie likes chocolate and so do i so i can you talk
about chocolate by using my own words

and how I feel about it is that kind of is that ok you can be like Chris showed us a couple weeks ago on hang out i mean
he takes the content i'll copy and paste reword the whole thing and make it his own

If you're going to do that give credit to the author credit you know you can put it like in quotation marks and put the
author's name underneath those show you.

They know where you got it at okay cool yeah that's nice i just wanted it make sure we put that out there that you
could do that you know you always make sure you if you somebody else's content make sure you give them credit for it not
when you were in school and wrote a report you had to sight all of your sources in a bibliography.

you don't want to violate copyright right and if you need is a good spell checker Chris Pieres is the one and the only
spelling man himself and see the sixth thing was to focus on relationships and fill them like you would a friendship
and you know when i write when Teri come back into the marketing spacing you know was looking for an opportunity
again that's what I did you know i friended her and we become great friends you know and that's what happens when.

You market to people you work with him so much and you spend so much time with him you become real good friends and you
know all my other people like David Reineke and Kati Stage and I've been working with Ronnie then on here lately
and all in or all because you know and Sonia Harris and it simply crisper is like going on a lot of people in the
workshop stuff and we've all become great friends because we work so closely together

You wanna take the permit and give some of your thoughts below answer only in the comments

Yeah i was just say night or as well I'm, yeah is that I think that you gotta get your foundation and like he said I've
just come on that kinda bored the last.

maybe six weeks almost eight weeks and I'm trying to make sure that when I my blog is to standard I don't want to put
just throw some words on a piece of paper. Well that's true i do it on paper but you know the end then just going out
there I wanted to be me and real and valuable i think that whoever stumbles across it would get some information out
of it that could be valuable to them i can like motivational marketer marketing and I just try to I want to help people
succeed in the business just like you have helped me come along and they're so

I'm getting there and i think that i'm really enjoying the interaction of this business and last night I was not
you were on that call from mlsp and there were hundreds couple hundred people on that call last night and there
were some really really good.

Uh-huh so everybody calls nuggets last night and I thought that was very beneficial i have a couple friends that
I'm i haven't invited and they have been the businesses of their and they're like well you know I might not need which you.

Anna and I said but let's look at this however you know they do have a line and they have a set back office that was
provided for them they can't don't really have a place to blog except for Facebook.

You know so they have to go to Facebook send them from Facebook over to their page and if they like something so yeah
I want to show them that no we can show them how to get customers and and then how to do these little
videos are our Facebook live quick lens that you can get out there and let them know you know friend of mine has a
clothing and she does mystery bags on Mondays and so I thought it'd be great for do Facebook live and maybe show us.

What the item might be you know and then all the different bags they might have cash they might have discounts product
whatever but I thought it would be really good for her and so she's very interested in doing something like that.

So yeah that that's my take on kind of what i would like to do is help people succeed in their business and I want to
bring up you know other people that are doing stuff like we talked about that is not a business opportunity

It's not a MLM it is a marketing factory they teaching you how to market market your product so if you have another
business you can use it to market your product and right they teaching therethey teach you to become a leader to be
able to be successful in any other business it's basically a teaching mechanism to teach you how to market
online and that's more I struggle you know I've been on online for like eight years in the technical stuff I gotta
handle and I've always had him all the technical stuff it's the marketing that.

I have always struggled with and you know a loss p has been a godsend for me because it's teaching me how to market
you know i'm finally overcome my fears and stepped in my comfort zone you know and I've been thinking a lot of action
here lately after I got over my funk and you know and that's what I've been learning in MSP is to get myself out
there you know mindset training a lot of it starts with mindset training in changing how you think about you.

That's what I talked about my Facebook live on the way home because you know I hear a lot you know I'm
frustrated with my blog you don't look away from I'm stuck and I'm just gonna quit because my father made me mad i had
remember quit because this blog frustrating they just quit because both the stage frustrating so much well
that's not a reason to quit if if you quit over that then you don't want this bad enough.

Internet marketing works, home business works but you have to make the commitment you know like one that the
topic i carry one of the points i covered was a fast know where you're going and have a vision of how to get
there and a lot of people don't have that vision you asking what their vision of your what they want you know they
have no idea.

No I don't you know I didn't for a long time either I no room for now i want toretire my next year you know I want be L1
by the first of the year or higher you know so I have a vision one now and I have marketed for a long time not know where I was going to and not knowing who my target market was so I was marketing to everybody and marketing nobody and it
looks like we got a set of roadmap you know besides oh I want to make a lot of money well we all want to make a lot of money but if you set your know your goals and they may even be baby goals and my first goal i'm going to be taking my son to disneyland it's at least my februari accessible to me here to go and I could save a little money but you know.

Yeah so you just gotta make those goals a small in the beginning because you'll feel better you'll you if you have
accomplished one year to all right i can do this and then you can set the next one so I mean yeah it's all and you know.

I we talk about search for you I never talk about money i make this stuff like that you know but in the previous
company i never i only made like $65.00 in like three and a half years with the last six months I was starting that learning game a little me time like three sales right there road three months in a row and then we changed over to MLSP. It was a big change because i
had to go in i would marketing the right way I was getting failed to pay traffic we all know that hang from paid traffic.

The leads stay around they stay for a while then quit you know and that's eventually what they did but
right that happened to me too well and it was very heartbreaking because i thought oh right you know this is gonna be easy and that's not easy however it could be if you have the right mentors the right marketing partner the right group can I think like we do then and I think we can set herself up to  you're doing is using my dogs are called my wife's home to the wrong you got for a minute okay i got it and let's see so.

Yeah I want us this set a foundation and i wanna for my my business here and like like yesterday I had loved Vickers with
me and we kind of talked about we wanted to be here as well I mean we all kinda we want to be really want to be sincerewe're not going to go and takers a pictures of ourselves in front of a Ferrari and fake it.

You wanna be truthful you know you don't want to like them and tell them i'm making all this money you need to join and you know it's just not going to have it you won't last and if you want to be in this for a long time.

I think you gotta be honest and upfront and and of course we don't have to say yeah I make so if I sense you know but it's still early I mean you know you don't want toyeah i mean taking it nowhere to go I mean I actually I'm you know she wants this one particular guy of marketing on Facebook all the time he's always flashing money and stuff like that.

Weather he  is making that money or not he is flashing all his money can he show you how to make money like he's my showing that he's making. When he can't show you then you realize he's fake really fast exactly and that's why we want to focus on branding yourself you know and you want to be a real person of people and that's when you're real and provided value to the marketplace then you're gonna have people coming to you.

I'm getting into this Facebook you know contacting people talking to people right now I'm only talking a couple
people but most of the people i talked to come on twitter because I got the direct message in my twitter if you like my content to contact me on Facebook or get a friendly question i asked them up.

Oh why did I'm curious why you gave me a friend request because you told me to on Facebook and twitter i mean i've had
four five here in the last week that have done that to me and no I'm like wow twitter does kind of work maybe on it check have Chris come on a train us on twitter you know with no no webinar two-and-a-half hours but exactly and what I don't you stuck around that late.

Because I know it was a really long day for you and what not the ed and remembers last name the one that was running the
last night he him in his group wasn't right but it was they when they get a prospect or a lead or a friend we crap request they have actually shot a little video and then they send that to the person said hey you know I'm Teri I am real and I just reaching out to you I noticed that you asked to be my you know my friend and just start just he said it's like a -second video and then just shoot him and do something because

It's different and it might stick out to that person and you know so i thought that was a good idea so I got a couple
of his links then and I i want to read a little bit more about how they do that so I thought that was really incredible thinking outside the box

Yeah, I was on that last night too I like first minutes you know night had a long day yesterday so I was kind of went
to bed early last night so I bet it like

Cory told him last night so they were still got a line and then I was like four o'clock this morning why I have no
idea but nice but yeah so is there any questions

ok maybe not as common as long as you keep it personal like in every video you say you name it i like that

yeah definitely i always start my videos I introduced myself and I get right to the point of what we're talking about in
horn and then go into my content by following a sam method you know I'm may be missing the recap at the end it'ssomething I need to go back to her in review Sam again I'm you know looking for the same to point out coming out so I can go through it to look like this.

Sam is South African method it was made by Dave renika and it's working on the same too . and then teaches you
had a new videos on my correctly and how to get them ranked on youtube and it does work because i've used it have you seen one . and use it and got many videos ranking youtube and i did not turn it used it on my blog and I had my video right number one of my ball great number two you know so and kind of and that's just bad words that you use yeah it's by the key words you use and
how to get your ball drank so and how to get your video to rank because there's so many people out there creaking noise no put out videos and stuff it you can learn how to rank up there with the top videos you know then you're going to get eyeballs on your videos.

Know Katie uses the SAM Method the very same methods that Dave uses and teaches and they're all getting results with it you
don't so it does work and I've gotten results with it to several leads off my youtube videos

no no I haven't made really made a youtube video for lockers and a facebook live so i think i need to do what he's
been doing to take my facebook live loaded to youtube and then put it on my blog that way it's got three different places right yeah that's what I was gonna try and get something bad happen maybe call me last night take when you do a video on youtube take it and put it

on wish dear and there's a couple other walking websites are I thought I wrote them down but maybe I didn't someone
with wish to hear you know that you can upload those we have to do so with more video places you have your video the more eyeballs so yeah that that is true and i was in my notes here and doesn't even know it's coming closer and yeah and yeah i mean that's

What I want to cover them in the beginning of to my and I promised Ronnie that go over widget and plugins because
she was having trouble with some plugins.

I get so badly because i'm going to me when our stuff this week that I don't have time to make a video every time
somebody needs to video and you know Ronnie I've been trying to do special videos for her it do closed caption so she can read my words as well as see me doing the action so it helps her because as we all over on his here with hearing impaired so she can hear because she said she had her ears on in the comments you know social and she said she heard a dog barking so she can hear.

It's easier for her to see words on the screen so you know I'm just trying to help her get you know like i did with you help you to walk set up and get going but like I did with you you know making to read the PDF and do the work and I don't you get frustrated with mebecause what you don't understand is when my me making her do the work and going through the PDF and reading it
when she gets a sign up and assign that needs help set up a blog she knows exactly where to point them to help them get their books at it and that's true because you did that to me the other day and I was getting frustrated because oh my knees feet or my facebook feed was not going through and I just kept going at it and going

You didn't give me the answer and i finally found it and I was in our back office I has a click link you know and
boom there it went but it felt good because then I knew that is somebody got stuck

I don't show them how to get beyond that exactly thats that's why make you do it so you learn how to do it that
way when you know if I'm not available and you have a new sign up that is stuck in that same problem you know I'm notavailable so how you gonna get a whole Jamie and find out how to fix the world you gotta figure out how to help make it in there so if you know how to find the problem and fix the problem then you're helpful to them and you stand out as a big leader to help them fix itcorrect and it's frustrating Ronnie that it doesn't and comes out ok I me on when wordpress is nothing like it used it is a lot easier today when it first
came out you know I think I use WordPress too . was the first i use so it's been a long time to do and I hated that thing I want to throw my computer at the window but it's gotten support over the years so i'm gonna share my screen if i can get this to work in here it didn't work as well as in ears it doesn't zoom and I'm gonna go to the blog

uh ma are you seeing much green or not, yes ok alright so what I got told Ronnie you know I made her go she's using it must be simple so I made her go to the theme set up and i may go through this step-by-step and all the information onhow to say you're up your blog is right here for you and it's all spelled out for you I she said the word for two small show you a quick easy way and get the ones bigger go to your view go to zoom in you zoom in and you get the words as big as you want to get you can also get you
full screen yeah you know I don't think you can fullscreen this you have to use the zoom in
Yeah but all the information is here you know plug in turn and also and if you have a question on a certain plugin so
you want to do that option that you want me to make the other day it's in way wordpress topic so i went through the training and figured out how to make them make the opt-in box you know which

I don't like it its kind of Ngati right now but I haven't got a chance to get back to it and set it up mr. let's go she's msb call-to-action plugin so you know here and it tells you how to set up your MSP call to action you know step by step all the way through and show youhow to get all the campaigns and how to make them pop up and everything and i'll show you how it works in a minute when i
get into the dashboards to see I'm gonna mute so that way they're here in my status there

ok so this walk you exactly through how to set up to mostly could mlsp call-to-action widget and each one of these you know it goes through how to set each one up if you want facebook comments on your blog click on facebook comments andwalk you through step-by-step how to get your API your app in your app ID how to set it all up for your website and everything how to set it up in your
comments you know Bolden was doing is hanging out without any comments and I told him it's just installed facebook comments and copy the code in areas like how you do that by sending this lake he went through it said re already had
activated all you do is copy and paste the code in there so everything you need you know if you want to know how wordpress works you know all these down here tell you exactly how the dashboard works the admin bar works how to add a
heading and you know in the visual editor how to switch themes and how to use customizer stuff like that

how to do a page the difference between pages and posts pages and posts i noticed you know some of your having
problems with the difference between pages and posts pages or were your blog post reside

I'm sorry issued me pages or were your about me page work with me page and stuff like that that's what they reside
at post is where your blog's reside at so let's get over to here so let's go to post first so post you can see that's where all your blog content comes from and let's go look at one or a quick which that's a draft that's a graph let's look at this one so that's what

your blog looks like in a post now if you want to go to which wanna go to pages you have to create pages to get all the stuff so about me and move over to the blog and look at the about me page

Jamie back out what is the difference between pages and posts really there's no difference in the same thing but the
pay the pages you can put and a menu bar up here and the which the post you can too but you know your pages are basically you your whole structure your blog because you want you know homepage which is where your blogs are you wanna about me
and work with me you know i have my training in them i replace for much marketing show you know it and as you grow and add you know you can do a product page or like you know you're setting up a testimony page you know you get all them up here that way people have quick access to it they want to come to your blog

okay all they got about me page so let's click on it and we can find all all about them you know which I need to do a
different video for this and my work with me page because I got the videos where we did the call actions on live on the workshop so you know in the workshop are the work with me page you know covers why you should work with me you
know and these are pages are where you can define certain areas of your blog so people have quick access to them and then on the ball you know that's your daily content if you want daily or if you do blog post today that your daily content you know and actually they're one and the same but the page you can set up to be more structured about a specific topic in the blog resides all your books or the post hold all your blog post that's the difference

okay thank you and we'd as we created like the pages those titles automatically pop up there or do we go i'll show you how together we pop up her so as you create your pages you know it's just like a blog post it looks exactly the same i just read i had one
draft or make one drive stupid foam but you know it's just like a just like a blog post it's got all the same information you structure the same way  you can SEO at the same way and everything I go back to pages because I got a draft and there going to show you how to do live actually the draft is right there

welcome to my website so see what i got in there nothing but so i'm not going to write a page right here but ok I got to
try to see if they are so we could maybe use one them

ok i wouldn't use this when I mean I killed it because i wouldn't use my page anymore ok so let's go back to published so many
shows more Monster marketing show now once you get your page all set up and you want to get in the menus you come down to appearance and go to menus the first step in here is you want to create a menu which i already have one sword if you want to create a new a create a new menu so let's see this work Chris Piers was having problems he was create a new menu and you know what about me mean you work with a medias and now you create menu so you know you create the menu whatever you want to do I start out with you know what I have main menu I've set up a main menu right here and then soon as you get it all set up all your stuff
is in here if you want posting your menu structure then you can put posting your menu structure if you want projects inyour meeting structure with our final project testimonials any of that you can set up in your page structure they set their menu first

yes set up your menu for you know create a menu to create new menu i would just create one quick so create menu ok so i might add I want to check these two boxes on the main menu so every time you create a new page automatically come over here but since we just created a new menu we want to take works want to take it admin you are you go larger menu ah they'll show up across up here but she I don't want to keep them and you because I got a main menu so I mean you can you can have two menus and since I have to you know I could take this home page save menu

ok so let's go to manage locations we want the main menu is the primary navigation secondary navigation put that
can see that was added up in their to the secondary menu should come up down at the bottom it

oh yeah yeah yeah I do yeah you have menus at the top and bottom that's you know if you have two menus like that
then you can have them at top bottom if you don't have one menu don't shows up across the top so okay you get your menu setup and then your menu setup by creating pages and oh let's just go ahead and created you looks like it media in the page uh let's
go ad new

I need to make this page anyway let's make that testimony spaces i need to make one anyway to make testimonials page that's what I was telling you to make only one page and you can just add more and i'll show you how to make more you can go see text areas and she gave me a testimonial video the other day and there it is right there she go into here and you click Share and copy it and you
come back to your new page and media insert from URL paste ensure i must have missed a step and then but i'll go backand follow this hit publish so it's live now I didn't do any SEO start anything on it you can go down.


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